Sports apparel carefully curated by fans, for fans. You're the greatest; we're here to help make sure the world never forgets. 

Our mission at GOAT is simple: to provide the Northwest's premier collection of vintage and collectible team sports apparel. Nothing filler, nothing forgettable; only the greatest pieces are welcome at GOAT. 

Items hand selected, vintage or otherwise, because they're just as unique and noteworthy as you are.  We know that you're not the same as every other fan.... so stop dressing like it. Team stores today are dominated by generic, forgettable apparel. Join us in breaking that mold.

When you purchase from GOAT you're helping support a diverse network of collectors and sports fanatics who've come together over a genuine passion for the merchandise. Your dollars cycle directly back into the community and help to validate our core beliefs that fans deserve the best and sports history truly should be worth preserving.  

-The GOAT Squad

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