About Us

Our mission here at G.O.A.T. is to provide the curation, expertise, and experience necessary to help make vintage and distinctive attire a realistic and attainable option for mainstream audiences. Nothing against mass retailers, but everything they do seems oriented towards fads, trends, and helping you blend in; we think you deserve to stand out.

Not only do we look to bring together the "greatest" pieces, but we strive to do so at price points that you can actually afford. All of our items are priced accordingly to collectability and fair market value relative to what we must pay in order to keep them in stock. While some of our most collectible pieces can stretch into hundreds of dollars, the majority of what we stock is available for less than $40.

While we also feature sneakers and collections of pop culture and other non-sports related items, sports are our passion and specialty here at GOAT. We look to attain status as the premier destination of vintage and rare gear for the Pacific Northwest's sports teams (Trailblazers, Timbers, Seahawks, Mariners, Super Sonics, Ducks, Beavers, Huskies, and Cougars are always in stock) while also offering a rotating selection of the coolest and most relevant pieces that the sporting world as a whole has to offer.

I started GOAT in 2016 (hence the #16 jersey in our logo) as a broke college student looking to make some quick cash by selling off bits of his collection online. What I found was a community of everyday people hungry to express themselves through unique style but who felt unsure of where/how to start and unwelcome in a street-style culture that can feel exclusive and closed off to outsiders. This community embraced the friendly and approachable energy that GOAT provided and helped transform my side hustle into a legitimate business.

Today, GOAT has grown to feature curated collections of the best in jerseys, tees, outerwear, sneakers, headgear, and more from both past and present. While staying true to our sports roots, the store is always expanding to be inclusive of even more forms of style. Our philosophy is: if it's cool, we want to carry it.

You're the greatest. GOAT is here to help make sure the world never forgets.

-Grant Blodgette
Founder & CEO
G.O.A.T. Sports & Street Style